Kindred Group partners with BetBuddy for player safety

Ah, shit! Kindred Group has taken a major step in the field of player safety by entering into a strategic partnership with BetBuddy. But don't worry, we're talking about Kindred

Jimmy Lindgren Jimmy Lindgren 10 Min Read

Svenska Spel breaks record number of active players during the 2023 World Cup

How does that happen, you might ask? Yes, it is just as magical as it sounds. An explosion of players

Jimmy Lindgren Jimmy Lindgren 11 Min Read

Playtech’s progress in iGaming casinos with cryptocurrency-based payment system

Playtech, a giant in the gaming industry, is making great strides in iGaming by integrating a cryptocurrency-based payment system. Of

Jimmy Lindgren Jimmy Lindgren 10 Min Read

Cherry Casino looks forward to new gaming license in the USA

Well-known Cherry Casino comes to America! The new gaming license in the US allows them to offer their outstanding casino

Jimmy Lindgren Jimmy Lindgren 11 Min Read

Twin Casino wins award for best customer service in Europe

Have you heard the news? Yes, you heard right - Twin Casino, a popular European casino, has just won the award for best customer service in Europe. But why should

Jimmy Lindgren Jimmy Lindgren 10 Min Read

LeoVegas expands its operations to Asia: new legislation creates opportunities

Prominent online casino company LeoVegas has recently announced that it is expanding its operations to Asia, a move that has

Jimmy Lindgren Jimmy Lindgren 11 Min Read

Microgaming breaks previous jackpot record with new game “The Millionaire’s Club”

Microgaming, the world leader in the online gaming industry, has broken its previous jackpot record with its latest game, 'The

Jimmy Lindgren Jimmy Lindgren 11 Min Read

Evolution Gaming launches groundbreaking live casino technology

When it comes to live casino technology, Evolution Gaming is at the forefront. They have revolutionized the global igaming industry

Jimmy Lindgren Jimmy Lindgren 11 Min Read

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