How to draw really nicely

Painting and drawing is an art that many people wish they had mastered. For some children, understanding proportions, angles and lines comes naturally. But most people have to spend years practising before their drawings start to look like anything.

In school, students practice their drawing skills in art class, but for those who want to pursue art in their free time, the internet can be a source of fun drawing exercises. By googling how to draw really well, the aspiring artist can pick up a wealth of tips.

How to draw a dog in six easy steps

For those who love dogs, being able to draw, for example, a dog, can be very appealing. On the internet you can find descriptions that teach you how to draw a dog in six easy steps. Basically, this type of description involves learning to depict the dog’s various parts in very general terms, and then going into detail and giving the dog the right colour and expression.

Learning to draw something like a dog can be a good start for anyone who wants to start drawing. It’s beneficial to start with a smaller project that doesn’t take very long to complete, but where the end result can be really nice.

How to draw a face

If you want to take your skills further, people might be your next subject. Knowing how to draw a face can come in handy if you want to try your hand at drawing portraits, for example. Many people have probably dreamed of being able to capture a moment and depict someone they love.

But to do another person justice in a picture, you have to be a good artist. Just like drawing a dog, portraiture is largely about getting the proportions right. An overly large nose in a portrait is anything but a compliment, so this is the kind of rookie mistake you want to avoid.


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