Ulrika Davidsson, nutritionist with groundbreaking advice

Ulrika Davidsson is a name in nutrition counselling that many have become aware of in recent years.

Her diets, courses and books have inspired many to change their eating habits and diet.

Particularly appreciated are Ulrika Davidsson’s “kickstarts” online courses, which are tailored to help participants achieve change quickly and thus results, both quickly and sustainably in the long term. Ulrika Davidsson is a regular contributor to Aftonbladet with “Kickstart” and has been highly appreciated for the advice she gives there.

Quick facts about Ulrika Davidsson:

Who?Ulrika Davidsson is a Swedish cookbook author with a focus on healthy eating.
Age?Ulrika Davidsson was born in 1971.
From where?Ulrika is from Småland, born in Jönköping.
Best known for?The company Kickstart. Ulrika Davidsson is an avid proponent of Keto, LCHF and GI.

Ulrika Davidsson and the food revolution

For many years, a diet relatively rich in carbohydrates was advocated. Ordinary people ate a diet similar to that eaten before long ski and running races. The idea was of course good, you would store and get a lot of energy.

But energy that is stored and not burned in the body is, as we know, converted over time into fat. Ulrika Davidsson was one of those who spearheaded the food revolution in nutrition counselling. In a short time, concepts such as Keto, LCHF, GI, Mediterranean and Paleo were introduced.

So what did all these new concepts mean? In a nutshell, it’s a series of diets that aim to get us to eat a diet that’s higher in protein and fat and lower in carbohydrates. The diets are differently strict and have partly different orientations, but the main principles are much the same.

Ulrika Davidsson and the new age diet

In practice, the new diets meant that the body lost the ability to convert carbohydrates into fat reserves. In addition, most people feel more satiated by proteins and fats, which means that people who are full in calories often eat less.

Ulrika Davidsson’s recipes, found in her books but also in her courses, help people to think in new ways and prepare meals in accordance with, for example, LCHF and GI.

GI stands for glycemic index and is used to rank the extent to which carbohydrates affect blood sugar levels.

In her books, Ulrika Davidsson presents tasty and easy-to-prepare recipes, such as cottage cheese pancakes and Arabic eggs. Meals that are high in protein and low in carbohydrates. However, carbohydrates with a low impact on blood sugar are good, and needed as they often contain vitamins.

Vegetables are one such example, but as many people have a hard time with that, Ulrika Davidsson introduced green drinks and smoothies. In addition to the benefits, these drinks also start the burn.

Kickstart with Ulrika Davidsson’s, programme for effective nutrition

Kickstart is both the name of Ulrika Davidsson’s company, as well as the name of her package of online training courses, which aim to help people get started with a healthy diet. The healthy diet leads not only to weight loss, but also to better energy and better health.

Ulrika Davidsson has named one of her concepts 66 days. According to Ulrika, it takes 66 days to break old habits and get started and cultivate new, better habits. In addition to new good habits, the programme promises weight loss for those who need it.

Another tough programme Ulrika has signed up to is “800”, which means you only eat 800 calories a day. You may distribute the calories as you wish, but do not exceed 800 in total. The most common variation of this is a so-called 5:2 schedule, where you stick to fewer calories for two days.

Other effects of a healthy diet

Eating healthily and maintaining a healthy weight has other benefits than just feeling slim and looking good.

A healthy lifestyle can make you more resistant to disease and also help you get rid of illness.

Many of the diseases that have become common in recent years in the Western world are so-called welfare diseases. Diseases largely caused by poor diet. These include many cardiovascular diseases and even some cancers.

Another thing a healthy diet can help with, according to Ulrika Davidsson, is getting the hormonal balance right. This problem mainly affects women, but in recent years it has also started to appear in men. Typical problems include thyroid and adrenal disorders, migraines caused by hormonal imbalances and weight loss.

Ulrika Davidsson is one of many who have inspired the Swedish people to take eating habits and a healthy lifestyle seriously. Both to improve the quality of life in the short and long term.

Some of Ulrika Davidsson’s recipe favourites:

  1. Kickstart soup
  2. Arabic eggs
  3. Chicken wok with cabbage
  4. Kale chips


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